Latin name: Pogonatherum Monica
Common name: Bamboo
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Its official name is Pogonatherum Paniceum, but luckily we are just as well allowed to call it Bamboo. With its intense light green colour, Bamboo fits everywhere. It looks decorative in the living room as well as in the kitchen, or even in the bathroom. In fact, Bamboo is a universal plant with a natural look that can be matched with all shades of black and white, with warm tones or colony wood. Whether your house is classic or modern, with Bamboo you bring calm and serenity into your living room.

Originally, Bamboo comes from India, Japan and China. In Europe Bamboo has become famous for being an indispensable part of Japanese gardening. There are types of Bamboos that can grow as large as five meters in one season, but there are miniature bamboos as well, that grow in a small and compact shape.    

You can recognise a Bamboo by its jumble of fresh green leaf, which makes it a happy plant.